• Entreprise Customer Support
  • IT Consultancy
    Do it yourself? Out-source? Deciding how to provide support and manage your IT infrastructure is a continuing challenge for organizations of all sizes.
    With recommendations (often conflicting) coming thick and fast from both your internal staff and your prospective or incumbent suppliers, it is often difficult to obtain an objective view.

    Our expert consultants are able to review technical, business and organizational requirements and to provide organizations with impartial advice and clear unambiguous recommendations.

    Equally as important is making sure that the infrastructure is effectively optimized for peak performance, management and security. But with so many different hardware options and ever mounting pressures to do more with less, it can be challenging to find the right answer to important questions about whether to consolidate, eliminate, automate, or upgrade important hardware and functions that are critical to day-to-day business operations. MET-CS will help you make the right choice in these critical decisions by providing services that address infrastructure optimization, business continuity/disaster recovery, data management and managed services. Explore our broad range of information technology infrastructure services below to learn more about how MET-CS can help you.

    Infrastructure Optimization

    Maximize access, performance and security of fundamental IT systems.
    • Storage Services
    • Virtualization Services
    • Infrastructure Management Services
    • Security
    • Enterprise Desktop & Server Services

    Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery 

    Develop effective plans and technologies to minimize the business impact of a crisis.

    • Storage Services
    • Virtualization Services
    • Remote Applications Access

    Data Management

    Organize, store and backup data for improved access and use.

    • Database Administration and Configuration
    • Data Storage Optimization Techniques
    • Data Backup and Storage Management
    • Backup with Deduplication

    Managed Services

    Improve IT support and free internal resources to focus on core operations by outstanding technology management functions.

    • Project Management Services
    • Staff Augmentation
    • Infrastructure Managed Services
    • Remote Access Managed Services